About Kellicipes

I won't lie, I never liked being in the kitchen. As a child, my Mother desperately tried to get me interested in cooking, but I had other interests: competitive swimming, piano lessons, schoolwork, and hey, just wanting to be a kid and play outside...which doesn't happen too often with kids these days! However, as I grew older and went through a series of events in my life that caused me to change a lot and open a new chapter in my life, I found a love for cooking. I also found Pinterest...as most of you have too! My oh my, isn't it addicting?! So I started to "pin" recipes that I thought looked good. I made them. Some were great, some not so great. So why not let others know about recipes that I have tried as well as my friends and family have tried, that are quite delicious? This is how Kellicipes started. I make many recipes that I find on-line, some I alter a bit, some of them are my own, but all in all, everything I post on Kellicipes is approved by myself, my fiance, my friends and my family. I hope you enjoy them too! As always, I welcome any suggestions or feedback for anything I post. Happy Cooking! xoxo, Kelly